2018-01-19 / Government / Neighborhood

Former Olympia president to retire from Vulcan Materials

By Josh Cruse

At the monthly meeting of We Are Olympia Monday, January 15, Bob Johnson announced he is retiring from Vulcan Materials as plant manager in May. He served as Olympia president beginning in May 2015, replacing longtime president Jim Jaco.

During his involvement with We Are Olympia, dating back before his time as president, Johnson was instrumental in starting the Quarry Crusher Run, as well as beginning neighborhood sweeps this past year.

Johnson also said the 2018 Quarry Crusher Run will take place Saturday, April 14.

Also at the meeting, Richland County Sheriff’s Department officer Chris Mestrianni announced an uptick in burglaries during the holiday season. Mestrianni said it is common to see an increase in burglaries due to college students leaving for the Christmas break. He said the sheriff ’s department does have some people of interest as a result of finger prints and DNA found at the scenes of the burglaries.

He also recommended that residents not leave their cars unattended while the vehicle is running. Not only is it against the law, but if the vehicle is stolen, insurance companies will not cover any damage. Mestrianni said he has seen a spike of vehicles thefts with the cars running while unattended.

One way to decrease car break-ins is to lock all doors to the vehicles. Mestrianni said 95 percent of car break-ins are a result of unlocked doors.

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