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Gorby Montbee 1991-2006

Gorby Montbee

Gorby Montbee, a gray Shandon Schnoodle, was born January 15, 1991, and adopted January 15, 1992, by Warner M. Montgomery and Linda G. Sosbee from the Columbia Animal Shelter. He died November 8, 2006, at the Veterinary Emergency Center following a hit-and-run accident. He was buried in the family cemetery. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Gorby refused to stay in the dog house his parents had built in the yard and demanded to live in the house with his parents. So, from the beginning, Gorby quickly trained his parents and became a full-fledged member of the family. He claimed one end of the sofa as his own and refused to go to bed until his parents turned off the lights.

As a young puppy, he loved to take long walks in Owens Field park with his daddy. As he grew older, Gorby staked out his territory on the sidewalks of Shandon. He was never fond of other dogs, preferring the company of humans. This resulted in most dogs, even big ones, clearing the sidewalk when he walked by.

Gorby's grandmother, Ruth Sosbee, crocheted him a gray blanket that became his nightly bed. He loved to visit his grandparents in Horrell Hill and especially liked his paw paw, Danny Sosbee, to scratch his back.

Gorby's cousin, Mamie, was his favorite canine. He enjoyed visiting her at her home with Donna Sosbee. His other cousin, Pepper, a miniature dachshund who lives in Horrell Hill, was too hyperactive for him, but he did tolerate Pepper on holidays when there was lots of food.

Gorby was not an avid traveler. His parents took him to the mountains once, to the beach once, and camping once. He preferred to stay at Shandonwood Animal Clinic when his parents travelled. Dr. Neal Atkinson and his staff were always pleased to see Gorby and had a special cage ready for him. The groomer at Shandonwood, Sandy, was the only person he would let cut his hair and trim his nails.

As Gorby grew older, his daily walks around Shandon went from 20 blocks to 10, then five, and finally just one. He cheerfully greeted all his human friends along the way...and sneered at their dogs.

Gorby was in charge of security at The Columbia Star from 1998 until he retired in 2004. He was very proud that during his time at The Star , there were no break-ins and very few arguments that got out of hand.

In 2002, he had a serious eye infection and eventually went blind and deaf. In 2004, he developed Alzheimers and arthritis, but he continued to command the home and family. His walks were restricted to the house and yard. His activities were limited to weekly showers with his daddy, going out in the yard in the morning and afternoon, eating twice a day, and sleeping. In the evening, he would take a circuit around the house following the walls, occasionally getting stuck behind the furniture. Still, Gorby was a proud and loving puppy.

During his final years, Gorby enjoyed visits from Sylvester, the neighborhood cat who met him every afternoon in the yard. Sylvester was a loyal friend.

The family would like to thank Dr. Atkinson and his staff for their professional and loving care during Gorby's illnesses. Their medications were able to control his pain and minimize the effects of Alzheimers and arthritis.

Gorby, the Prince of Puppies, will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Good night, Sweet Prince.

Gorby's Song

My daddy is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me to lie down on my nanny's blanket,

He lies beside me for my morning nap.

He restores my water dish,

He leads me along the sidewalks of Shandon for my afternoon walk.

Yes, though I walk by big dogs and scary cats,

I fear no evil, for he is with me.

My leash and my collar, they comfort me.

He prepares my food bowl every night in front of the TV.

He anoints my fur with shampoo and my body with medication.

My happiness overflows.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me through all eternity

For I shall dwell in my daddy's memory forever.

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