2010-02-26 / On Second Thought

West Columbia

Central Drive, 900 block: Police were called to a home at 11 pm Tuesday after a man said another man dragged him from his bed and beat him. The victim told officers he and a group of men were “drinking and partying” at the home, and he got tired and went to bed. He wasn’t sure how much later, but another man yanked him out of his bed and threw him up against a wall and hit him about his head and torso. The man said his attacker also lives at the residence but he only knew him by “Jesus.”

Sunset Blvd., 400 block: A man called police at 6:30 am Monday after he said a man he knew ran him down with a car. The alleged victim told officers he was walking down the street when he heard a man yelling at him and calling him insulting names related to his sexual persuasion. When he turned he said he recognized the driver as a man who had broken into his house previously and was always saying negative things about the alleged victim’s dead sister. The man identified the accused assailant and said that after he yelled at him, he then hit him with his truck, causing the alleged victim to fall to the ground and scrape his hands and knees. The man refused medical assistance.

Batchelor Street, 1000 block: Police were sent to a home at 3 pm Wednesday after a grammar school student told the principle that his mother had beaten him and would do so again. The boy said his mother was angry because he had gotten in trouble in school and beat him with a belt. The mother denied that she had “beat” him but admitted to spanking him after he had written a note threatening to bomb the school because of a teacher he didn’t like. The boy admitted to writing the “mean note” but told school employees that if they suspended him the mother would hurt him. He had bruises on his arms, legs, and back so he was taken into protective custody, a report said.

Charleston Highway, 1500 block: A woman was arrested at 11 pm Wednesday after she was pulled over for an improper turn. The 24–year–old woman could not produce any identification for herself or paperwork for the car, but the computer said that her driving license was suspended for possession of a controlled substance and her registration and insurance were indefinitely suspended or cancelled. There was an open drink in her console that she told officers was an ‘energy drink.’ Closer inspection revealed that the drink was malt liquor, but the passenger in the car said it was his. Because he was under the legal drinking age, he was charged with possession of beer or wine by a minor, and the woman was arrested for driving under suspension. There are possible charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Dreher Road, 100 block: A man was arrested at 8 pm Monday after police noticed his bogus license plate. During the traffic stop, the man produced an expired driver’s license but told officers it was suspended. He was then charged with driving under suspension, but during the search of the car police found a bottle filled with various pills, a bag with white powder resembling cocaine in it, spoons used for snorting and cooking the drug, and several syringes commonly used for injecting the cooked cocaine into the body. The man said the pills belonged to his girlfriend, but he was charged with several drug and narcotic violations and taken to jail. He said he put the fake plate on his car because he didn’t want to draw attention from the police.

Forest Acres Decker Blvd., 2700 block: Two teens were charged with assault and arrested before class Tuesday morning. The two girls, 13 and 14, allegedly attacked a female school official, injuring her arms and shoulder. The injured woman told officers that the two girls were arguing in the school gym, yelling and swearing at each other. She said when she tried to calm them down and separate them, the 14–year–old shoved her down the bleacher steps. Both girls were arrested and charged with disturbing school and the older one may face assault charges. The school official was taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment, and she told officers she intends to press charges.

Two Notch Road, 5300 block: A woman called police at 11:30 am Tuesday after she said she was attacked by coworkers at a child development center. The 41–year–old woman told officers she was at the center to drop off her child and not working the day of the alleged attack. She said that ever since she started the job a week ago her co–workers have been harassing her and on Tuesday one of them slapped her. She said the accused woman also hit her in the back of her head when she turned away after the slap to call police. Witnesses said the new worker came in and started “fussing” with the other workers until one employee separated them. No one saw the woman get hit, and there were no marks on her body or face, a report said. She said she may be looking for a new job soon.

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