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Chilled Cantaloupe Soup with Tarragon Syrup

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For the Soup:
1 large ripe cantaloupe
(about 4 pounds),
seeds and rind
removed, cut into
chunks, plus thin
wedges for garnish
1/4 cup sour cream
2 Tbsp. honey
4 tsp. fresh lemon juice
Pinch of coarse salt
For the Syrup:
Pinch of coarse salt
4 sprigs tarragon,

plus more for garnish
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice

Working in two batches, puree cantaloupe, sour cream, honey, lemon juice, and salt in blender until smooth. Press through a f ine sieve into a bowl. Refrigerate until cold, about one hour.

Make the syrup: Bring sugar and 3/4 cup water to a boil in a saucepan, stir ring until sugar has dissolved. Boil until syrup has reduced to 2/3 cup, about seven minutes. Remove from heat; add tar ragon. Tr ansfer to a bowl; refrigerate until cold, about an hour.

Puree syrup, tar - ragon, and lemon juice in a blender until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to use; stir just before serving.

Divide soup among bowls. Drizzle with tarragon syrup; garnish with cantaloupe wedges and tarragon sprigs.

Watermelon Salsa

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2 cups seeded and
coarsely chopped
2 Tbsp. chopped onion

3 Tbsp. seeded, chopped
Anaheim chile
2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1/4 tsp. garlic salt
In a ser ving bowl mix together the watermelon, onion, and chile pepper. Season with balsamic vinegar and garlic salt. Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour to blend flavors.

Watermelon Sangria

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12 cups cubed
watermelon, divided
1 (750 milliliter) bottle
dry white wine
1 cup vodka
1/2 cup triple sec
1/2 cup simple syrup
1 medium lime,

1 orange, cut into wedges
1 cup fresh blueberries

Place nine cups of watermelon cubes in a blender; blend on high until very smooth. Strain juice through a mesh st rainer into a large pitcher. Pour the wine, vodka, t r iple sec, and s imple syrup into the pitcher. Stir to combine. Mix the remaining three cups of watermelon cubes, the lime quarters, orange sect ions, and blueberries into the sangria. Chill for four hours before serving.

Melon Ambrosia

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1 cup watermelon balls
or cubes
1 cup cantaloupe balls0
or cubes
1 cup honeydew balls
or cubes
1/3 cup lime juice
2 Tbsp. sugar
2 Tbsp. honey
1/4 cup flaked coconut,

Fresh mint

In a small bowl, combine the melon balls. In another bowl, combine the lime juice, sugar, and honey; pour over melon and toss to coat . Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour. Sprinkle with coconut . Garnish wi th mint if desired.

Melon Smoothie

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1/4 cantaloupe, peeled,
seeded, and cubed
1/4 honeydew melon,
peeled, seeded, and
1 lime, juiced
2 Tbsp. sugar

In a blender, combine cantaloupe, honeydew, lime juice and sugar. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.

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