2010-09-10 / Public Notices





All persons having claims against the following estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the indicated Personal representatives, appointed to administer these estates, and to file their claims on Form #371PC with the Probate Court of richland County, the address of which is P.o. Box 192, Columbia, SC 29202, on or before the date that is eight months after the date of the first publication of this notice to Creditors, (unless barred by operation of Section 62-3-803), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements, indication the name and the address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed and the date when due, and a description of any security as to the claim.

estate: JoSePh GAnDY ALLiSon 10eS4001061 Personal representative: PATSY T. ALLiSon Address: 164 TUPeLo FArMS rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209 Attorney: J. roBin TUrner Address: Po BoX 11646, CoLUMBiA, SC 29211

estate: ALBerT LArrY BAiLeY 10eS4001062 Personal representative: neLL D. BAiLeY Address: 4543 BroAD riVer rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29210

estate: MArY FrAnCeS BriDGeS 10eS4001068 Personal representative: roSe- MArY BriDGeS heDDen Address: 4429 ShAnnon SPrinGS rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29206

estate: JAMeS L. BoYD 09eS4001175 Personal representative: MArY A. BoUKniGhT Address: 2711 ConGAree rD., GADSDen, SC 29052

estate: LoU roSe CAMPBeLLe 10eS4001087 Personal representative: DiAnne C. BUTLer Address: 7 BriArBerrY rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29223 Attorney: WiLLiAM F. CoTTY Address: 1328 BLAnDinG ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29201

estate: KiM LAU ChAK 10eS4001081 Personal representative: MiCheLLe M. ChAK Address: 2110 WooDMere Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29204

estate: WiLLiAM Ger- ALD CoLe 10eS4001059 Personal representative: JAneLLe CoLe Address: 256 FoX SqUirreL Cir., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209 Attorney: CAroLe h. GUnTer Address: 2512 DeVine ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29205

estate: WArren eDWArD eArGLe 10eS4001075 Personal representative: WArren e. eArGLe Jr. Address: 1116 CAMBriDGe oAK Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29223 Attorney: MiLDreD e. YAUn Address: 6236 oLD LeeSBUrG, hoPKinS, SC 29061

estate: LiLLiAn eVirTe FreeMAn 10eS4000899 Personal representative: ChAUnCeY DAMon hArDriCK Address: 902 FiSKe ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29203 Attorney: STePhen C. hUCKS Address: 9610 TWo noTCh rD. STe. 5, CoLUMBiA, SC 29223

estate: FeLiX Gor- Don Sr. 10eS4001080 Personal representative: SAViLLA C. GorDon Address: 5116 FLorAn ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29203

estate: FrAnCeS BYrD horTon 10eS4001083 Personal representative: BeVerLY h. roSS Address: 9940 GLASS rD., riChMonD, VA 23236 Attorney: DenniS WAYne CAToe Address: 7588 WooDroW ST., irMo, SC 29063

estate: JAMeS B. hUTChiSon 10eS4001088 Personal representative: FLorA DALe hUTChiSon CornWeLL Address: 1815 oLD eASToVer rD., eASToVer, SC 29044 Attorney: ADriAn L. FALGione Address: 113 eAST MAin ST., LeXinGTon, SC 29072

estate: LAYForD rUBin JohnSon 10eS4001086 Personal representative: JAnie JohnSon Address: 1327 WooDroW ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29205

estate: John JAMeS MeLiA Jr. 10eS4001055 Personal representative: MAriSSA A. MeLiA MACDonALD Address: 8 MAPLe LeAF Dr., hYDe PArK, MA 02136 Attorney: GerALD D. JoWerS Address: 1802 SUMTer ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29201

estate: DAnieL PAUL MoLeY 10eS4001077 Personal representative: KiTTY M. WArDen Address: 2879 Cr 617, BUShneLL, FL 33513 Attorney: JAMie M. BeST iii Address: Po BoX 9507, CoLUMBiA, SC 29290

estate: LoUiS B. MoSeS Jr. 10eS4001057 Personal representative: MATTie B. MoSeS Address: 158 reDWooD CT., CoLUMBiA, SC 29223

estate: DonALD CriTTenDen PeArCe 10eS4001065 Personal representative: JUDY S. PeArCe Address: 113 MiLLhoUSe CT., CoLUMBiA, SC 29223 Attorney: JonAThAn Lee Address: Po BoX 2285, CoLUMBiA, SC 29202

estate: PhiLiP n. PhiLLiPS 10eS4001063 Personal representative: Lorrie An PhiLLPS Address: 444 GoLDen eAGLe Dr., BLYThe- WooD, SC 29016 Attorney: DAViD W. SiDDonS Address: 246 SToneriDGe Dr., STe. 100, CoLUMBiA, SC 29210

estate: PATriCK henrY riDDiCK 10eS4001073 Personal representative: CAroLYn h. riDDiCK Address: 505 n. TrenhoLM rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29206

estate: ToMiKo KinJo roBerTSon 10eS4001050 Personal representative: KenneTh e. roBerTSon Address: 2206 MorninGLo LAne, CoLUMBiA, SC 29223

estate: riChArD ABerCroMBie roPer 10eS4001054 Personal representative: riChArD ALLen roPer Address: 1829 WeDGe- FieLD rD., ChArLeSTon, SC 29407


estate: CArrie STiVenDer ASKeW 10eS4001095 Personal representative: LArrY STiVenDer Address: 1301 SoUTh FiFTh ST. APT. q-4, hArTSViLLe, SC 29550

estate: ChArLeS MiChAeL BrADY 10eS4001093 Personal representative: Ann BrADY ArnoLD Address: 695 TWin- FLoWer ST., LiTTLe riVer, SC 29566 Attorney: nATALie qUinn Address: 2309 DeVine ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29205

estate: GeorGiA MAe DoWDY BrATTon 10eS4001122 Personal representative: MArThA JoneS Address: 309 AUThUM GLenn rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29229

estate: PATriCiA WheTSTone CArTer 10eS4001091 Personal representative: rAY o’BriAn CArTer Sr. Address: 181 CAPTAin LoWMAn rD., ChAPin, SC 29036 Attorney: ALAn JAY reYner Jr. Address: Po BoX 8448, CoLUMBiA, SC 29202

estate: hAroLD CUMMinGS 10eS4001067 Personal representative: Johnnie LoU CUMMinGS Address: 6 MiSTY VALe Cir., CoLUMBiA, SC 29210

estate: rUTh FAir- FieLD eArLS 10eS4001098 Personal representative: DAinnYA BUSBin Address: 313 AUDUBon oAKS WAY, irMo, SC 29063 Attorney: TiMoThY D. hArBeSon Address: 6334 ST. AnDreWS rD. STe 101, CoLUMBiA, SC 29212

estate: SAArA CAroLYn ThoMAS enGLAnD 10eS4001119 Co-Personal representative: CAroLYn e. LAnier Address: 345 WooDWArD WAY nW , ATLAnTYA, GA 30305 Co-Personal representative: SArA LiLLiAn hAYeS Address: 211 WooDThUrSh rD., ChAPin, SC 29036 Attorney: DAViD W. SiDDonS Address: 246 SToneriDGe Dr. STe. 100, CoLUMBiA, SC 29210

estate: eLeAnor noe eWArT 10eS4001099 Personal representative: ThoMAS WADe eWArT Address: 416 TUrKeY PoinTe Cir., CoLUMBiA, SC 29223 Attorney: W. STeVen JohnSon Address: Po BoX 11262, CoLUMBiA, SC 29211

estate: LinDA FrAYer 10eS400118 Personal representative: WiLSon h. FrAYer Address: 1005 iVY Green Cir., irMo, SC 29063 Attorney: JUDiTh CALLiSon FiSher Address: Po BoX 489, LeXinGTon, SC 29071

estate: MArY eLLen reeD FUSeLer 10eS4001113 Personal representative: henrY WiLLiAM FUSeLer iii Address: 2609 BenDe- Meer Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209

estate: MArY ThoMAS hinTon 10eS4001100 Personal representative: roSA Lee YoUnG Address: 616 BiTTernUT Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209

estate: LArrY JoSePh LeFeBVre 10eS4001123 Personal representative: MArY eTTA MCCArThY Address: 2839 SheFFieLD rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29204

estate: MorriS CArMiChAeL LUMPKin 10eS4001111 Personal representative: MiChAeL M. LUMPKin Address: 21 heATh- WooD Cir., CoLUMBiA, SC 29205 Attorney: WM. BerT BrAnnon Address: Po BoX 100261, CoLUMBiA, SC 29202

estate: herMAn eDWArD MCFAr- LAnD 10eS4001103 Personal representative: KeVin P. o’hArA Address: 18045 PonY rUn rD., rALeiGh, nC 27615 Attorney: DAViD h. CrUM Address: Po BoX 128, DenMArK, SC 29042

estate: oLLie WiLBer MeTTS 10eS4001076 Personal representative: oLin D. MeTTS Address: 123 ASh- WooD Dr., norTh AUGUSTA, SC 29860

estate: ABrAhAM PorTer 10eS4001116 Personal representative: eLizABeTh LYLeS Address: 430 e. WArren APT. 313, DeTroiT, Mi 48201 Attorney: ChriSTo- Pher L. MiLLer Address: 618 WALDen CreeK WAY, GreenViLLe, SC 29615

estate: FrAnCiS LeSLeY rAWL 10eS4001106 Personal representative: Miri- AM F. rAWL Address: 228 CArLYLe Cir., CoLUMBiA, SC 29206

estate: WiLLiAM e. rAzor Sr. 10eS4001094 Personal representative: ShirLeY rAzor JoneS Address: 504 Green- LAKe Dr., hoPKinS, SC 29061

estate: eUniCe PriMUS roBiSon 10eS4001112 Personal representative: JAniCe r. MUrPhY Address: 1684 MADi- Son LAne, ConYerS, GA 30013 Attorney: ABiGAiL r. roGerS Address: 21 BLACK GUM rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209

estate: PATriCiA e. rooSen 10eS4001120 Personal representative: Mer- Lin B. rooSen Address: 6116 YorKShire Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209

estate: ArThUr SMiTh Sr. 10eS4001101 Personal representative: CATherine SMiTh Address: 4536 roBneY Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209

estate: BenJAMin F. TiLLMon 10eS4001089 Personal representative: FrAnCeS hALL TiLLMAn Address: 408 JUniPer ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29203 Attorney: ThoMAS B. LeVY Address: Po BoX 2845, CoLUMBiA, SC 29202 estate: Annie M. ViCTor 09eS4001447 Personal representative: TAniYA WinDLeY Address: 3210 8Th ST. Se #6, WAShinGTon, DC 20032

estate: SUSAn W. ViSConTi 10eS4001104 Personal representative: JoSePh A. ViSConTi Address: 2005 ChAn- DLer AVe., CoLUMBiA, SC 29210

estate: SUzAnne SiPe WiLLiAMS 10eS4001102 Personal representative: horACe e. WiLLiAMS Jr. Address: 1231 oLD hiLTon rD., irMo, SC 29063 Attorney: MArY neLL DeGenhArT Address: 2131 PArK ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29201-2139


estate: MArTin ALVArADo ALVArADo 10eS4001131 Personal representative: roDeriCK M. ToDD Jr. Address: Po DrAWer 99, CAMDen, SC 29021 Attorney: WALTer B. ToDD Jr. Address: Po BoX 1549, CoLUMBiA, SC 29202

estate: TiMoThY LeSTer BLUe 10eS4001152 Personal representative: PhYLLiS ALiSA BLUe Address: 104 Pine oAK Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29223

estate: MArY LoU heinS BUrTS 10eS4001129 Personal representative: ChArLeS h. BUrTS Address: 4130 WeLLinGTon LAKe CoUrT, DULUTh, GA 30097

estate: MonA MoniqUe DUCKeTT 10eS4001134 Personal representative: TiMo- ThY o. DUCKeTT Address: 113 rAin- Tree Dr., hoPKinS, SC 29061 Attorney: hYMAn S. rUBin Jr. Address: Po BoX 58, CoLUMBiA, SC 29202

estate: John ALLAn GoFF 10eS4001150 Personal representative: KAren S. GoFF Address: 2500 WiLDFLoWer rD., BLYTheWooD, SC 29016 estate: CLYBUrn hArreLL 10eS4001142 Personal representative: PAMeLA W. CrUMPTon Address: 313 WATTS LAne, BLYTheWooD, SC 29016

estate: JoYCe MeeTze LinDLer 10eS4001146 Personal representative: YVonne M. roDGerS Address: 91 SArAToAGA rD., irMo, SC 29063 Attorney: MiChAeL JeFFCoAT Address: Po BoX 1860, LeXinGTon, SC 29071

estate: LAUrinDA MiCheLLe McCorMiCK 10eS4001148 Personal representative: roBerT J. MCCorMiCK Address: 113 hoLLinGSheD CreeDK BLVD., irMo, SC 29063

estate: MALCoLM GeorGe MiLLer 10eS4001151 Personal representative: CYn- ThiA M. CorLeY Address: 130 heAVenS eDGe CT., ChAPin, SC 29036

estate: MeLVin MiSSoUri Sr. 10eS4001136 Personal representative: BeTTY J. MiSSoUri Address: 2024 LArCh- MoUnT Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29223 Attorney: DAnieL K. FeLKer Address: 9610 TWo noTCh rD. STe. 5, CoLUMBiA, SC 29223

estate: eLeAnor WADSWorTh Mor- GAn 10eS4001140 Personal representative: riChArD PrUDenCe Address: 5940 TiMLe LAne, CoLUMBiA, SC 29260 Attorney: W. STeVen JohnSon Address: Po BoX 11262, CoLUMBiA, SC 29211

estate: herMAn AeSTon MUnDY 10eS4000340 Personal representative: Gre- GorY neAL MUnDY Address: 186 CALLYLe Cir., CoLUMBiA, SC 29206

estate: JoAn eLizABeTh Ann nACe 10eS4001143 Personal representative: JAMeS r. nACe Address: 609 BLACK PoWDer Dr., LeWiSBerrY, PA 17339 Attorney: JACqUe- Line L. BArTLeY Address: PA BoX 11896, CoLUMBiA, SC 29211

estate: AnDreW neAL Jr. 19eS4001274 Personal representative: MAzie neAL Address: 608 AMBer- LY rD., CoLUMBiA, SC 29203 Attorney: BeTh e. BernSTein Address: Po BoX 583, CoLUMBiA, SC 29202

estate: JUSTin PAUL PierCe 10eS4001128 Personal representative: JeSSi- CA PierCe Address: 3703 PAPer- MiLL CT., hoPe MiLLS, nC 28348 Attorney: M. L BAr- LeTT Address: 1700 WooDCreeK FArMS rD., eLGin, SC 29045

estate: VerMeLL WiLLiAMS SALLeY 10eS4001144 Personal representative: MiChAeL SALLeY Sr. Address: 207 SiLVer FoX LAne, CoLUMBiA, SC 29212

estate: eDnA LoUiSe B. SMALLS 10eS4001141 Personal representative: SAn- DrA L. WeSLeY Address: 3131 WinDWooD PLACe, CoLUMBiA, SC 29204

estate: Joe LoUiS SMiTh 10eS4001124 Personal representative: hiLDA CrAFT Address: 1702 CoDY ST., CoLUMBiA, SC 29203 Attorney: roBerT B. rAnSoM Address: Po BoX 11067, CoLUMBiA, SC 29211

estate: WiLLiAM F. TiLLMAn 10eS4000871 Personal representative: LoiS MArie TiLLMAn Address: 912 hALLBrooK Dr., CoLUMBiA, SC 29209

estate: JAMeS eDWArD WeiDen- BACh 07eS4001001 Personal representative: MiChAeL S. CAMeron Address: 239 DAnBY CT., CoLUMBiA, SC 29212

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