2012-03-16 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres

tForest Drive, 3000 block: A school bus driver had to call police at 10 a.m. Monday to remove a disruptive student. The driver told officers the 17-yearold girl was being loud and boisterous and using foul language. When the driver asked her to sit down, she refused and began calling the driver derogatory names. Officers got her off the bus and took her to the school resource officer so that he could contact her parents. Charges are pending while the school officials decide whether to handle the incident on campus or involve police. tClemson Avenue, 5000 block: Police were called to a middle school at 10 a.m. Friday after a fight broke out among three 14-year-old girls. Witnesses told officers they heard two of the girls threaten each other during a class change, and then all of a sudden one girl punched the other one and the fight was on. While two of the girls were fighting, a third girl stepped in and grabbed one of them by the hair, apparently trying to help her friend. Students had formed a human barrier around the melee, so the teacher couldn’t get through to break it up. Finally, the girls were pulled off each other and put into separate class rooms to calm down. One of the girls was upset because her eyeglasses had been broken in the fight and began to rant at the female teacher in the room with her. She began swearing and calling the teacher names and then moved toward her in an aggressive manner. A male teacher told police one of the other girls did the same thing to him. All three were arrested with one being charged with simply disturbing schools, and the other two had the added charge of assault. tBrenthaven Road, 4000 block: A woman called police at 6 a.m. Monday after she said her next door neighbor was a peeping Tom. The 56-year-old woman told officers she was in the shower when she heard a noise and saw the man outside her bathroom window. She said she grabbed a towel and got out, but by then the man had run back to his own home. Officers tried to contact the man but no one answered the door. tBrookwood Court, 3300 block: A woman called police at 6 p.m. Tuesday after she said a raccoon had attacked her Shih Tzu in her back yard. The woman told officers she heard her dog yelping, and when she ran out to check it out, she saw a raccoon physically holding her little dog on the ground. She said she had to hit the raccoon with a stick to make it let go of the dog. Once she had her dog back she noticed its nose was bleeding, so now she will take it to the vet, she said. The raccoon fled the scene soon after the altercation with the dog’s owner.

Richland County

tDecker Blvd., 2000 block: A clerk at a gas station called police at 9 p.m. Monday after she said she had been robbed. The 23-year-old clerk told officers a man of indeterminate age came to the counter and wanted to buy a pack of crackers. She said she rang up the sale, and when the drawer opened, the man reached across the counter and snatched a handful of money, then picked up his crackers, and fled. The woman said the man reached for the $20 bills first but then grabbed a few smaller bills. The store manager told officers the store was monitored by surveillance cameras and turned them over to them. tDecker Blvd., 2700 block: Two 13-year-old boys were arrested for fighting at 11:30 a.m. Monday morning. Witnesses told officers the duo began a heated verbal argument, and then it escalated into a physical fight. One of the boys got punched in the mouth before the fight could be broken up. They were both seen by the school nurse and then taken into custody and charged for disturbing school and for disruptive behavior. tTwo Notch Road, 3000 block: A grocery store manager called police at 12:30 p.m. Monday after he observed what he interpreted to be “weird behavior” by a shopper. The manager told the officers that he watched while a man came into the store and went to the soap section. The man then picked up a threepack of soap and opened each box. He took out the soap and put all three bars in his pockets, but instead of leaving the store like a normal shoplifter, he went around the store and placed the bars in different places throughout the store. The manager finally confronted him, so he went back and picked up two of the three bars and paid for them. He said he would also buy the third bar if he could only remember where he had put it.

West Columbia

tCharleston Highway, 1600 block: A bail bondsman called police at midnight Saturday after he said one of his clients had attacked him. The 51-year-old man said he had gotten in touch with his 27-year-old client to tell her she had an active warrant for not appearing at her recent court case. The man said when he arrived at the designated location, the woman was waiting on him in a car with another man driving. He walked up to the car and asked the woman if she was ready to turn herself in. She agreed, but as he pulled out his handcuffs to arrest her, she screamed at the driver to “hit it” and yanked the door closed, trapping the bondsman half in and half out of the car. After dragging him only a short distance, the woman opened the door enough for the bondsman to fall away from the car and make her escape.

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