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Advancing electronically

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation

Recently, my old trusty Samsung flip phone died in the middle of the day, a result of more frequent use in a new job. I decided to brave the world of upgrades, threads, and apps and see if I could still find an auto charger for Old Reliable. More...

Preparing for doomsday with scented candles

My husband thinks I’m an alarmist.  He thinks I hoard supplies for any possible future weather alert events.  I prefer to say I like to be prepared.  When the weather people started this past week with dire warnings of three to s More...

Crying is contagious


Human behavior can be just as contagious as a case of the sniffles or a stomach bug. If someone yawns in front of me, then my body instantly responds with a big yawn. In fact, just writing about yawning is making me yawn. More...