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Do you remember?

Beauty, children, grandchildren, and great grandchilden
By Caroline Legare Judson

Caroline Legare Judson Caroline Legare Judson When you are a child, you don’t even think about being a parent much less a grandparent— at least I never did. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. By that, I mean if I had realized some of the joys and memories I would experience being a parent or grandparent, I know I would not have believed it.

I have spent the last three days with my great granddaughter, Marlena, who is an adult living in Florida.

When she was a child, she lived with her father and mother and brother in Lancaster, South Carolina, for several years. I would go on weekends and pick the children up and drive them to Columbia to spend the day and then drive them back home. Sometimes they would stay overnight, and we would do something special like see their uncle dance in The Nutcracker ballet or go to a movie or see a play for children.

Marlena remembers those times and talked about them. One trip we went to my favorite—Pearson’s Falls outside Tryon, North Carolina. A stream ran down from the waterfall, and you could hear and see water all along the trail until you reached the actual waterfall which was at least three stories flowing downward.

I remember going to Pearson’s Falls in the spring when all of the wild flowers were in bloom beside the mountain trail to the falls. I just saw this beautiful sight of wild flowers sprinkled all over the sides of the mountains once but will never forget that time.

I wanted everyone I knew to see it. Galax leaves, all kinds of ferns, violets, trailing vines that had white flowers, but I was not sure if it was arbutus.

Just knowing my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have been exposed to this kind of natural beauty makes me feel grateful, and I hope it will shape their taste for beauty and nature. I am also grateful I can write about what I have seen. It helps me remember.

Caroline Judson is 93 years old and has been writing for The Columbia Star over 20 years.

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