2018-02-09 / Education

February 19 and March 30 makeup days to be half days for Richland One students

Contributed by Richland One Schools

Richland One students will attend school on February 19 and March 30 to make up the instructional time they missed when schools were closed due to inclement weather. Those two days will be half days for students.

The district previously announced February 19 as the day students would make up the day of school they missed on September 11, 2017. Instead of that day being a full school day, students will be in school for a half day on February 19. March 30 has been designated as the makeup day for the day students missed on January 17, 2018. March 30 also will be a half day for students.

Districts are required by state law to designate three makeup days in their academic calendars in the event schools are closed and instructional days are missed due to inclement weather or other circumstances. February 19 and March 30, which would have been student holidays, were two of the three makeup days designated in Richland One’s 2017- 2018 calendar.

The remaining makeup day is May 28 and, if needed, it will be a half day for students.

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