2018-03-09 / Education

Technology, a balancing act

By Hanah Watts, local high school student

Hanah Watts Hanah Watts Technology. It is everywhere. And we cannot seem to get enough of it. Our televisions run 24 hours a day, endless knowledge is available at our fingertips, and we can take photos of everything.

We also all appear to be a little too obsessed with it. And if I had to guess, I would say most people would agree with me.

As a whole, our society has moved into this phase of not having to “remember” as much, because, with the World Wide Web at your fingertips— or Safari—you can find an answer to virtually any question.

Gone are the days when you had to go to the library to look something up; just pull out your phone and you will find an answer in no time. Our world has never been more connected. We can learn about any culture by just pulling up an article or video about them. There is actually a term to describe this phenomena— Time–Space Compression.

As technology gets even more advanced, we seem to get more and more drawn in by its shiny bits and pieces. We do not spend a copious amount of time doing activities we used to. We are so entranced with our new, shiny, impressive toys we do not realize time is passing by us.

A lot of moments are wasted we could otherwise be spending with our families and friends.

Personally, I have sat down and scrolled through Instagram for what seemed to be a few minutes only to find out an hour and a half had gone by.

Or you could be reading a book, or dancing, or singing, or playing a sport, or whatever you like to do.

We always carry our phones with us and get distracted by them at inopportune moments. (I, for one, know I do) Then, when you do not have your phone, it is almost as if you do not know what to do with yourself.

Phones are almost like an adopted fifth limb we cannot live without. You may find taking a step away from your phone for a few days may be truly beneficial, or you may hate it, but either way, you may find out what you have been missing while scrolling through Instagram.

Emerging technology is extraordinarily entertaining as well as useful; however, we do need to remember there is more to life than keeping up with all one hundred and seventy three streaks on Snapchat. (Side note: How do y’all do it? I can barely keep up with the ten streaks I have!)

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” — Christian Lous Lange

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