2018-06-08 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

Charleston Highway: A store clerk called police at 1 p.m. Thursday after he said a “drunk” had come into the store and stolen a bag of chips and two cans of beer. The clerk said the man was obviously intoxicated and entered the store, greeted the cashier, and promptly went to the fridge and grabbed the cans of beer. The clerk said the man stuffed a can in each pocket and then chose a bag of chips. He walked out with the merchandise and never paid for the items, but he did tell the clerk “good-bye.” When the officers arrived, they found a man matching the clerk’s description sitting behind the store’s dumpster. He was indeed drinking a can of beer and munching on a bag of chips. When they approached him, the officers immediately knew the man was indeed inebriated from the smell emanating from him. When they questioned him, the man freely admitted he had been “drinking moonshine,” but he “ran out” so he went to the store for the beers and realized he was hungry so he grabbed a bag of chips. The clerk told the officers the man had been trespassed from the premises and while he declined to press charges, he did say the man needed to leave the grounds. The man was charged with trespassing after notice and taken to jail without further incident.

Augusta Road: Police were called to a business by a cab driver at 7 p.m. Friday after the driver said his fare had attacked him in the cab. The driver said he had picked up a man from a restaurant who was so inebriated the servers in the eatery had to assist him to the cab. The driver said the man gave him an address and while they were on the way, the driver said the man became agitated and angry. He began to swear at the driver and threaten him. The driver said the drunk man told him he was a “military man” and he “knew how to kill” people in “lots of ways.” At that point, the driver said the man lunged at him from the back seat and grabbed him around the neck. The cab driver said he swung into the nearest driveway, disentangled himself from the man, and went into the store so he could call police and have witnesses. The passenger tried to follow him in, but the driver had locked the cab and the man couldn’t figure out how to get out of the vehicle. When police arrived, the man was extremely combative and began to swear at the officers. They warned him to calm down and to watch his language, but when he ignored their instructions, he was charged with public drunkenness and taken to jail.

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