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City of Cayce recognizes calendar contest winner, city employee

By Anita Baker

Richard Banton was recognized as the grand prize winner of the Cayce Calendar contest. Richard Banton was recognized as the grand prize winner of the Cayce Calendar contest. During the July 3 regular meeting of the Cayce City Council, several members of the public were recognized for their places and people of Cayce photographs chosen to be published in the 2018-2019 City of Cayce Calendar. Each recipient received a “Reflections of Cayce” poster and a Cayce t-shirt.

City of Cayce Calendars are available for the public at this time.

Richard Banton was the grand prize winner of the Cayce Calendar Contest. His photo, “Color of Fall at Congaree Creek,” is featured on the cover of the 2018-2019 City of Cayce calendar, and his photo, “Dancing in the Streets,” is featured for the month of April, 2019. Banton received a $100 check from the City of Cayce, which he then gave back to the city as a donation specified for the Cayce Public Safety Foundation.

James Denny, City of Cayce park department manager, was recognized as the recipient of the Whole Sole Award for his bravery and sacrificial service to the people of Cayce when he came upon a serious car accident on his day off.

The following account of the incident was read by Mayor Elise Partin at the July 3 City of Cayce Council meeting in honor of Denny.

“On June 18, parks manager James Denny was leaving Walmart after purchasing groceries to make dinner for his family. As he was getting in his vehicle he heard a loud noise and looked up to see an 18- wheeler truck come around the turn on Knox Abbott Drive and overturn pinning a small car underneath the trailer. Denny immediately ran into the intersection to check if anyone was hurt. Miraculously no one was seriously injured in the accident.

“The 18–wheeler truck split scrap metal and debris across Knox Abbott Drive. The accident blocked all lanes of traffic, so Denny immediately started working to clear a lane of traffic. Once he had a lane open, he directed traffic, keeping it moving safely, until Cayce public safety officers arrived to take over the scene. Then, Denny assisted with clearing the debris and getting all lanes of traffic open.”

Upon receiving the Whole Sole Award from Mayor Partin, Denny said, as a city employee, he feels he is always responsible to work for the people of Cayce, even when he is off duty.

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