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Helping women find their voice

By Anita Baker

Dr. Katrina Hutchins Dr. Katrina Hutchins Dr. Katrina Hutchins, known by most as “Dr. K,” is living out her life’s passion. She is a believer in helping women find their voice and understanding the factors in their lives, both past and present, that silence their true, authentic voice.

Dr. Hutchins focused her doctoral research at Northeastern University on the subject of organizational silence, researching the issue of how women are silenced in the workplace. She has dedicated her career to help women, through her services as a counselor, personal coach, and inspirational speaker, find and articulate their feelings, fears, and understand why they feel silenced within organizations.

Dr. Hutchins grew up in Hopkins, South Carolina, and received her bachelor of arts degree from Columbia College and her master’s degree in social work from the University of South Carolina. She is the president/CEO of Re- Source Solutions in Columbia, a non-profit organization designed to serve non-profits, small businesses, and corporations by lifting up their people, their staff, and management, through workshops that address the personal and communication issues affecting employees daily lives.

Dr. Hutchins believes in providing a holistic approach to organizational consulting. She says, “We cannot separate ourselves from ourselves. We take our personal and family situations with us to work every day, and we spend up to 40 hours a week with our coworkers. If we do not take the time for personal growth, our voices will be easily silenced.”

Dr. Hutchins wants leaders of business and non-profit organizations to realize “people matter” and will affect the overall health of the organization. She serves as a keynote speaker, leads workshops, offers personal counseling and coaching, and has many resources to offer through Re-Source Solutions.

Dr. Hutchins recently published The Voice Positioning System: Seven Ways to Harness Your Power and Master Your Influence. The Voice Positioning System provides a path for women to follow to find their authentic voice in their own fight against organizational silence. She addresses realities such as suppression, hopelessness, internalized pain, self-muting, acquiescence, avoidance, feeling invisible, exasperation, and frustration. Dr. Hutchins helps women answer the question, “What happened to my voice?” and gives them the encouragement to define their fears and address them, better understanding how their experience in the workplace is occurring.

The Voice Positioning System: Seven Ways to Harness Your Power and Master Your Influence is a book that should be read several times and will have different impacts on women at different times in their lives. Dr. Hutchins cautions readers should contact her at Re-Source Solutions for advise when exploring these issues. She offers her personal services to anyone who is interested in receiving personal coaching and counseling from her through Re- Source Solutions. The Re- Sources Solutions website has a page dedicated to the Voice Positioning System with resources available to individuals and organizations.

The seven phases of The Voice Positioning System are “Knowing Your Voice (voice authenticity), Trusting Your Voice (voice confidence), Creating Space for your Voice (voice visibility), Nurturing Your Voice, (voice care), Celebrate Your Voice (voice victories), and Amplifying the Voice of Others (voice freedom).”

Dr. Hutchins shares, “Your life has a voice. Your life is always speaking to you. All around you, in every turn, with each step, you will find your life’s voice. You can hear it in everything you do. Your voice speaks and echoes from every decision and choice you make. Your life speaks through your conversations, through every word you utter, and through every word you keep to yourself. Your life speaks through the ways in which you think. Your life speaks in your behavior and actions. Most importantly… is the fact your life is speaking each time you make the choice not to trust your authentic voice.”

The Voice Positioning System: Seven Ways to Harness Your Power and Master Your Influence is available for purchase from Re- Source Solutions. The staff can be reached by phone at 803-302-7606 or by email at contact@resourcesolutions.com. Please visit the website resourcesolutions.com for more information.

Dr. Katrina Hutchins will be hosting a book-signing at Columbia College October 12, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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