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Ode to my Father

Part 20: Turkey Hazing
By Warner M. Montgomery, Ph.D.

I suffered long scratches from my fool turkey. I suffered long scratches from my fool turkey. (Note: This series is from my father’s memoirs I found long after his death.)

Papa and Bub [Daddy’s brother John A.] went to Presbyterian College (PC) in Clinton, S.C. and I never considered any other college because they offered me a $ 50 football scholarship. Besides, Montgomerys had always been Presbyterians, and, as far as I knew, all Presbyterians went to PC.

I joined the Alpha Lambda Tau fraternity at PC. Bub was one of the charter members. [Note: Alpha Lambda Tau was founded in 1916 at Oglethorpe University as a southern fraternity but dissolved in 1946. Fraternities at PC today are Alpha Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Order, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, and Theta Chi.]

Going through the hazing was an interesting experience. For instance, we pledges were not allowed to speak for 24 hours; we had to find a particular tombstone at midnight; and the topper, we had to steal chickens.

I tried to steal a chicken, but I couldn’t find one. Apparently, there were no chicken farmers around Clinton. Thank goodness, one of the other pledges stole a turkey in my name. The chickens and my turkey were pinned up behind the fraternity house and starved for a few days.

On induction night, all of us pledges were told to take off our clothes and lie down. The members poured syrup all over us, then dropped chicken feed on us. The chickens and my turkey were then let in the room. I quickly discovered that starving fowl pecking food off you was some experience. I suffered long scratches from my fool turkey.

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