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Assembly holds 121st ball

Nathalie FitzSimons Matthews Nathalie FitzSimons Matthews The Assembly, established in 1889, held its 121st annual Ball Friday, December 18, 2009, at seven thirty o’clock in the evening in the Columbia Ballroom of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Guests were received by Mrs. Douglas McKay III, president, and Mr. McKay; Mrs. Robert Yates Knowlton, president– elect and Mr. Knowlton; and the debutante daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters.

The debutante daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters of the members wereNathalie FitzSimons Matthews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Allen Matthews, granddaughter of Mrs. Christopher FitzSimons III, escorted by Mr. William Coleman Hubbard Jr.; Catherine Heyward Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Rivers Pinckney Walker III, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Rivers Pinckney Walker Jr., escorted by William Pinkney Simons Mikell; Camille Perrin Cunningham, granddaughter of the late Mrs. Fay Allen DesPortes, escorted by Frank Dantzler Hemphill III; Frances Eugenia Ellerbe, granddaughter of Mrs. Frank Rogers Ellerbe Jr., escorted by Gregory Stephen Morrison; Sarah DesPortes Hughes, great granddaughter of the late Mrs. James Hunter, escorted by Robert Hale DaSilva; and Alexandria Sloan Tarika, great granddaughter of the late Mrs. James Armstrong Cathcart, escorted by John Henry Harwood II.

Catherine Heyward Walker Catherine Heyward Walker The traditional debutante figure was led by Miss Nathalie FitzSimons Matthews and Mr. Douglas McKay IV, senior leaders, and Miss Catherine Heyward Walker and Mr. Thomas Robertson Kibler, junior leaders.

Sons and grandsons attending their first Assembly Ball were John Russell Fowles, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Fowles III and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Fowles Jr.; Thomas Robertson Kibler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Robertson Kibler and grandson of the late Mrs. Clarence Marshall Kibler; William Pinkney Simons Mikell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pinkney Venning Mikell and grandson of the late Mrs. Isaac Jenkins Mikell Jr.; Paul English Repenning, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Charles Repenning and grandson of the late Mrs. Joseph Lawrence Nettles Jr.; and William Walker Roth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weaver Roth III and grandson of the late Mrs. John Will Walker.

Camille Perrin Cunningham Camille Perrin Cunningham Guest debutantes attending The Assembly were Helen Jervey Brennan, escorted by Marion McLean Sims; Virginia Hallett Connell, escorted by John Bryant Lambert; Sara Watts Faulks, escorted by Bryan Ellis Ashley; Heyward Boykin Foxworth, escorted by Montgomery Rush Morris; Virginia Calvert Key Glazebrook, escorted by William Tison Bowers Jr.; Anne McMeekin Herlong, escorted by William Walker Roth; Ella Hampton Hyatt, escorted by Charles Wallace Salley Jr.; Elizabeth Collins Bacot Myers, escorted by William Byrd Stanley Henriksen; and Emma Simms Short, escorted by Clay Winn Short.

Frances Eugenia Ellerbe Frances Eugenia Ellerbe Gentlemen invited to The Assembly were William McIver Bryan IV, Peyton Durham Bryant, James Augustus Herlong Jr., William Jenkins Locke, and William Rowan Render.

The brides and bridegrooms attending The Assembly were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dennis Bovard of Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Fowles IV of Columbia, South Carolina; and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Parker Leake of Dandridge, Tennessee.

Out of town guests included Mr. David Byrd Cathcart of Charlottesville, Virginia; Mr. John Sloan Cathcart of Pottstown, Pennsylvania; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dewey Foxworth III of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; Mrs. DesPortes Hughes of St. Matthews, South Carolina; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tarika of Fairfield, Connecticut; And Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dean York of Charleston, South Carolina.

Sarah DesPortes Hughes Sarah DesPortes Hughes Joining Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McKay III at the president’s table for dinner were members of the executive board and their husbands: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yates Knowlton, Mr. and Mrs. John Donald Dial Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Belton Townsend Zeigler, Mr. and Mrs. William Tison Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Allen Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNulty Beal, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Walter Taylor Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Claiborne Bunch, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Walker McKay Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Porter Price, Mr. and Mrs. David Orion Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bellingrath Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Harold Reading II, Mr. and Mrs. James William Haltiwanger Jr., Dr. and Mrs. William Campbell McLain III, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weaver Roth III, Dr. and Mrs. Walter James Bristow III, and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Marshall Falls.

Alexandria Sloan Tarika Alexandria Sloan Tarika The Dick Goodwin Orchestra provided music for dancing and the debutante figure. Mr.Walter Bellingrath Edgar announced the debutantes, and Mrs. Joseph Duffy Jones and Mrs. Frank Breazeale Brennecke III coordinated the debutante figure.

Following dinner, coffee was served from The Assembly’s antique coffee service by Mrs. Angus McKay Brabham III, Mrs. William Perry Cate, Mrs. Hunter Lang Clarkson, Mrs. John Cantey Heath, Mrs Angus Bird Lafaye, and Mrs. Christopher FitzSimons III.

The Floor Committee members were Mr. Nathaniel Heyward Clarkson III, chairman, Mr. James Willis Cantey Jr., Dr. William Fort Crosswell, Mr. Clarence Marshall Kibler, Mr. Bentham Walker McKay, and Mr. John Heslep Moorman Jr.

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