2014-01-24 / Education

Nearby schools need Junior Achievement volunteers

Contributed by Junior Achievement of Central South Carolina

Teachers throughout the Midlands have requested Junior Achievement classes to be taught to their students. Many classes are in need of a volunteer in the area to teach the class. Specific schools that need a volunteer now are:

• Lexington District 1—Congaree Wood, Herbert Wood, and Carolina Springs elementary schools.

• Richland District 2—Center for Knowledge and Polo Road elementary schools.

For as little as a half hour a week, volunteers can make a big difference in the lives of South Carolina school children.

JA provides everything needed (including training and all materials) to make participation as a JA volunteer fun and rewarding for volunteers and interactive and engaging for the students.

The time commitment is minimal and the schedule is flexible:

• Elementary School (Kindergarten –fifth grade), one half hour per week for five weeks.

• Middle School (sixth–eighth grade), three fourths of an hour per week for six to eight weeks.

High School (ninth– 12th grade), one hour per week for seven to12 weeks.

Contact JA program director Kathy Simmons to volunteer at ksimmons@jacsc.org, 252-1974, or visit centralsc.ja.org.

Schools in South Carolina look to Junior Achievement to provide supplemental learning experiences that help young people develop the competence, confidence, and character to make smart academic and economic decisions. JA programs, from kindergarten through high school, supplement the school curriculum with real world relevance allowing students to compete in a business environment and one day contribute to a well-educated workforce.

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